The olive oil from Tenuta Zinno is the product of a single variety, the Nocellara dell’Etna, found on the southern and western slopes of our Mount Etna: rich areas include Motta Sant’Anastasia, Bronte, Belpasso, Paternò, and more.

It’s an olive type that ripens very early, even in September. If the fruit is harvested not overly ripe, it imparts unique organoleptic characteristics to the final product. The fruit is cold-pressed to minimize compound oxidation, followed by mixing and filtering.

The yield is quite low, around 16%, making the oil obtained a jewel of our territory. Its acidity level is also low: 0.4%. To the nose, it offers fruity sensations of green tomatoes, almonds, thistle or artichoke, and generally, all the aromatic notes of herbs. On the palate, there’s a pervasive spicy and bitter note that doesn’t linger. Due to its sensory and organoleptic characteristics, the oil from Tenuta Zinno is versatile, ideal for raw consumption on meats or fish, and can also be used in desserts and vegetable preserves without altering other flavors.

Evo Oil L'Intenso

Extra virgin olive oil, a foundation of our Mediterranean culture, represents a true ally for our health.
Extra virgin olive oil, a monounsaturated fatty acid, is renowned for its richness in polyphenols with antioxidant properties that help prevent cardiovascular diseases.
Much less known is the presence of a compound in extra virgin olive oil with anti-inflammatory properties called ‘Oleocanthal,’ which inhibits the enzyme COX involved in inflammatory processes. Recent scientific studies define extra virgin olive oil as ‘ibuprofen-like’ because 50 grams of extra virgin olive oil is equivalent to 10% of an adult’s dose of ibuprofen.

Nocellara oil from Etna I.G.P. Sicily - L'Infinito

Nocellara extra virgin olive oil from Etna I.G.P. Sicily “L’Infinito” represents the flagship product of Tenuta Zinno’s entire 2023/2024 olive production.
An extra virgin olive oil that stimulates the senses and elicits an explosion of “infinite” flavours, a perfect harmonious balance between a fruity, slightly spicy taste and without excessive aromatic notes. “L’interno” extra virgin olive oil is a valuable olive oil product, the result of the animus and passion of its producer.

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